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  The first-generation Cougar (1967-70) was one of the performance legends of the muscle-car era. Today, collectors find the 67-73 Mercury Cougar a highly collectible and popular car for any cruise-in or car show enthusiast.
   The Sunshine State Cougar Club is all about ownership, restoration and driving our cars.  But our members say the best part of the club is camaraderie and the people we meet!
We are a state-wide club with members throughout Florida and the Southeastern USA, as well as a great resource for anyone who owns a classic Cat and wants to keep up with articles, tips and happenings of those who own and drive these timeless works of automotive art.
                                              We have regular meetings and get-togethers!
                                              We usually have 20 plus Classic Cougars show up to our events

Cougar Facts, Did you know?
In 1968 there were 99 Cougars Factory Equipped with rear shoulder harnesses.
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Become a friend and you can use Facebook to view upcoming events. You can see who is coming to an event and let everyone know if you will be attending the event. Don't forget  
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Our last club event
Pumpkin Run in Ocala
Our next event is
Old Town on Nov. 7
We are the Host Club and we will be having a club meeting, so bring your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.
We have our own parking spot with lots of parking.

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